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Why you should hire a professional photographer

If you want to make your listing stand out online, take pictures of it with a professional real estate photographer.

Sony A7RII full-frame DSLR camera close up without lens.

A prospective homebuyer’s initial reaction to your listing will determine whether they want to see it in person or pass on it entirely; therefore, you should use visuals that are appealing yet true-to-life when representing its features online.

A visual representation that is accurate and tasteful holds more weight than one with exaggerated angles, bold colors, etc.

Hiring a professional photographer is an investment, but it will be worth the cost. Professional real estate photographers can help your business gain trust and credibility with potential buyers/renters who are looking at properties online before they visit in person to view them.

Oh, you need more reasons to hire a professional photographer? Okay, here we go:

Views. According to a study done by Redfin, listings that were shot with DSLR(Digital Single-Lens Reflex) professional photography received 61% more online views than their competitor's listings.

Impression. 95% of people spend a maximum of 20 seconds looking at the front exterior photo before moving on. You don't want them to move on, and if they are moving on, it should be to the next of your photos.

Higher selling prices. Listings with DSLR photography are perceived to be of higher value and sell for more money, according to the Wall Street Journal who found listings marketed this way gain anywhere from 934 dollars up to $116,076 at closing.

Sharpness. The sharper the photo, the higher chance of selling at or above list price. Sharper photos sold above list price 44% of the time compared to average photos that only sold above list price 13% of the time.

Sharp example image of a real estate interior shot of a beautiful kitchen.

Sell faster. Redfin's study also showed that listings with professional DSLR photos sell faster than those without. Time varied by price range. but in the $400,000 range the homes sold on average 3 weeks quicker.

Emotion. Beautiful photos trigger an emotional response. 80% of the buying decision is based on emotion. Buyers use logic to choose price ranges, locations and home sizes but from there, most consumers will rely on emotion when choosing homes they visit in person and ultimately purchase.

Your brand. Your client has hired a professional real estate agent to market their home. You shouldn't take the photos yourself with your cellphone, hire a professional.

Portfolio. With a beautiful listing portfolio, you will have an advantage over competitors. Social media posts are easily enhanced with professional photos. Use these on sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and Facebook to attract interest in your brand.

Save time. Great photography not only requires time at the photo shoot, it also requires time for editing and uploading. The most successful realtors are those who focus on their work and leave the photography to a professional.

You don't want an amateur on the job. A good real estate photographer understands how to frame a photograph and choose angles that best represent the property, which will help attract more interested buyers before they arrive at your house...

Results. A professional DSLR camera does not make you a photographer any more than owning watercolor paints makes you an artist. Professional photographers take photos for a living, practice often to get the perfect angles and lighting, as well as composition. They know how to turn regular rooms into extraordinary ones through their work.

In conclusion, you will increase your brand impression, you will sell listings faster and for more money. Be prepared, be smart, and hire a professional, because you can't make a second first impression.

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